speaking of explosions…

today, i was caught totally off guard when i opened maxine’s diaper.  it was one of those massive, mustard colored, breastfed baby poops that cover the entire surface of the diaper.  the kind that leaves me temporarily paralyzed not knowing where to start or what to do.  i call them” grey poopon everything”.  maxine, being a girl of ample size…she has rolls everywhere.  and somehow, some way, that poop finds its way into her every nook and cranny.

maxine is always enormously proud of the mess that she has made.  she flashes that giant gummy smile that makes me forget that i have managed to get shit all over my hands.  these poops inevitably lead to an impromptu hose down in the kitchen sink.  and still, when i haul my chunky monkey out of the sink and lay her down to clothe her, i inevitably find traces of poop on her person.

poop explosions, just one of the ways my children amaze and thrill me.

Whatcha thinkin'?

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