Oh, it has been a wild and crazy couple of weeks.  And oh how my definition of wild and crazy has changed.  Nothing I have to report will make you blush.

I spent a couple of nights in the hospital with Miss Maxine last week.  I was going to write a post about our hospital stay and all of the ways the doctors and nurses pissed me off.  But honestly, I just don’t have the extra energy to think about that now.  I barely have the energy to attend to my personal hygiene.  Some would argue that I am not really even attending to that in any way that compels others to come within a three foot radius of me.

In the beginning of the week, my little Xiner started to feel much better.  The little toothy grin that had been missing from my world, burst back into my world.  And even though there were literally six loads of unfolded laundry on my dining room table–and about six more to do, we were in dire need of groceries, and I could barely keep my eyes open, all was suddenly right in my world.

And then there is my Evie.  And what can I say about her except that the girl is a fabulous little human with the bravest little heart.  She actually missed the first part of the week of school because she had some tummy issues going on.  But she has been making some serious eye contact lately.  She’s also been saying a few words really consistently.  I especially love the way she hisses, “please” at us.  What I love most is the fact that she has been smiling and laughing so often.  I cannot begin to describe what seeing those smiles and hearing that laughter does to me.   Joy.

Evie did a 24 hour EEG starting yesterday….so down and back to Dartmouth twice.  People touching her head and hair–there is not too much worse in the world for her.  She took it in such stride.  She truly blows my mind almost every day.  I really do love being this girl’s mama more than I could ever say.

The fabulous Aunt Jeannie came up to help us out with the trips to Dartmouth.  Both girls adore her.  And even though she is a security risk(I have to keep my eye on her or she will take off with my babies), she is such  a tremendous help.  I sort of fall into this comatose state of motherhood when she is around.  I should be embarrassed by how incredibly lazy I become.  But I am really too tired to be embarrassed.  So I am just grateful.

On that note, I am off to bed.  Jeannie is keeping Maxine in her bed tonight…at least we are going to try it.  I may just get a pretty darn good night of sleep.


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