catchin’ up

So this has been one of those weeks…we are having tons of construction going on in the house.  With construction comes the literal and figurative mess of dealing with construction.  After a rotten experience with an uber shady dude and his Jerry Springeresque girlfriend, we are taking a break for a bit.  We have such a long road ahead of us when it comes to remodeling this old place.

It is nice to be able to get things cleaned up and get back to life after having to babysit/keep an eye on the project for the better part of two weeks.  Kind of a bummer that the weather has been pretty lousy.

So on a brighter note–you know where I am going with this.  Yep, my kids.  They never fail to light up gloomy days end remind me that I have it all.

So Max is still working on a step here or a step there.  But she is even busier working on her comedy routine.  I love her sense of humor.  I have to say she is the most pleasant teether ever.  Most of her teeth to date, I haven’t even known she was getting them because she just keeps on smiling.  These eye teeth that are poking though, well, they’ve made themselves known. She tries to smile and be her happy little self, but night times have been tough for her.  So we’ve had some days that we sleepwalk through over the last few weeks.  But I think we are though the worst of it.

And then there is Evie.  She’s been really fascinated with doors–specifically opening and closing them.  Over.And.Over.  But she has also been extra lovey dovey.  She is constantly seeking out a cuddle/snuggle/hug/kiss.  She just couldn’t be any easier to love.  We are headed down to Dartmouth on Monday to see if her new seizure medications are up to snuff.

We’ve got a lot planned for the weekend… Looking forward to some lovely days with my beautiful family.

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