Summer’s this and that

So it has been almost 2 months since I’ve written a post.  What?

Things are as they should be in the summer.  The kids have filthy feet and bug bites and so do I.  When I kiss their heads, I smell sunscreen.  Diapers are optional.  Maxine weeds the vegetables out of my garden and I try not to overreact.  Evie explores the yard on her own.  Both of them eat dirt when I’m not looking.  They go to bed later and somehow get up earlier.  We try not to make many plans because spontaneity is the essence of summer.

There is so much living to do in the summer.

We take long walks and I covet the perrenial gardens of my neighbors.

We eat summer foods–mostly fresh vegetables and fruit. Evie has been quite adept at avoiding the veggies.

There is something so wonderfully fulfilling about summer.



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