boobs, pee, poop

Maxine is in a new and interesting phase.  She is obsessed with the body.  Hers, mine, and yours.

I started to become aware of this new development when she said, “boob” and pointed excitedly to my chest on Saturday.  In Costco.  Several times.  To strangers.

As the week progressed, she has talked non stop about pee and poop.  She has pointed to where it comes out of her body and where it comes out of mine.  Thankfully, she has not taken this act on the road yet.

Today, she spent a good deal of time putting her toy dog on the potty and simulating pee.  And poop.  With graphic grunts to really sell it.

I used to be really squeamish about all things bathroom.  I didn’t talk about it.  Thankfully, that flew out the window…probably from repeatedly being peed and pooped on by babies.

Anyhow, this is really amusing me.  And I love seeing her curiosity flourish even if it has the potential to cause me a great deal of public embarrassment should she push it too much further.

Whatcha thinkin'?

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