Maxine Becoming

Maxine is changing.  The little baby is long gone and I see the toddler slipping away slowly each day yielding to the little girl that she is actively becoming.

Becoming a chatty little person who fills my days and heart with laughter.

Becoming possessive.  Very possessive.  I don’t think that she has identified a single thing that isn’t, “mine” (hers).  This includes the basement wall.

Becoming empathetic and kind.  This softens the blow that elapsing time strikes.  She is developing an understanding of her sister’s differences.  She is starting to forgive having her items snatched away.  She enjoys helping Evie–delivering food to her.  And sometimes letting Evie know how best to achieve her goals.  Evie wanted something to eat several weeks ago.  Daddy said, “no.”  With a knowing nod, Maxine told Evie, “Ask Mama Beth.”

Becoming a comedian.  She will do just about anything for a laugh.  She has an incredible ability to sniff out a suppressed laugh or smile.  She responds by repeatedly performing whatever act I am trying not to laugh at.

Becoming a parrot.  Yeah, we have to be careful of that one as her personality is colorful enough without the matching language.

Becoming imaginative.  We pretend to be birds and she really believes that we can fly around in the sky.  She tells me how she will snatch daddy from the sky when he is in a plane.  When I ask how, she responds, “reach up there” or “climb up there.”

Becoming polite.  “Skeemees” (excuse me), “sossy” (sorry), “kankoo” (thank you) are all automatic and regular parts of her vocabulary.

Becoming loving.  My favorite.  Kisses and hugs.  And expressions of love.  And I can tell she gets it.

I mourn each passing day and embrace all that the next will bring.  What else can a mother do?

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