Last weekend we took Evie and Max up to SandBar State Park. Maxine was walking around with Scott and I was hanging out with Evie. Because of the short depth of the water, I was able to give Evie all of the independence that she craves in the water.

She swam/crawled around non stop. Putting her face in the water for periods of time much longer than I was comfortable.  I hope Evie is reincarnated as a fish because she comes alive in the water.

Suddenly, she sat up and looked at me in the eyes and grinned.

It was one of those moments that brought my heart pitter pattering high up into my chest.  My breath caught in that way it does…

Love explosion.  A big one.  Maybe the biggest ever.

Her smile said, “Share the total awesomeness of my pure and unadulterated joy with me mama!”

And I did.

And whenever I think about that moment, I feel the joy.

And I think about it often.  And I grin.

Whatcha thinkin'?

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