I love my babies.

I love my little Evie-Doodle.

Her bursts of sudden and quite uncontrollable laughter.

I love the way she walks with her belly pushed out and back arched.

I love that bubble wrap and popsicles can make her so happy.

I love the way she flings a door open and explodes into a room.

I love that she explores her world by touching.

I love that she still kisses with an open month.

I love that she is not stingy with kisses.  She will dole out 20+ in one sitting.

I love that, “can I have a kiss?” is, maybe, the only verbal request she responds to regularly.

I love when she stands behind me and hugs my neck.

I love how her body melts into mine when I hold her.

I love that she has taught me the most important lessons I’ve ever learned.

I love every single inch of my happy baby’s body, heart, mind, and soul.

I love my XiXi-bots.

I love the way she says, “good morning, mama.”

I love her enthusiasm for travel.

I love her feisty spirit.

I love her sense of humor.

I love when she puts her hand over her mouth when she laughs.

I love that she asked me, “can I get you anything?” when I was crying about my dad’s death.

I love that she corrected me when I answered one of her questions about evie, “because evie doesn’t talk,” with, “yes her does!”

I love how she cares for her baby dolls.

I love her wild imagination.

I love her little chipped-tooth smile and her belly laughs.

I love that she challenges me and makes me think long and hard about what I want my words and actions to teach her.

I love every iota of her mind, body, heart, and soul.

Happy New Year sweet babies!  Thank you for filling my days with love, joy, and meaning.






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