healthcare sucks. mostly.

The next post will be positive.  But I’m going to pitch another bitch in this one.

After some long-hard-tortuous thinking.  After consultation with a psychiatrist, a neurologist, a pediatrician, and a cardiologist.  After sleepless nights.  We decided to try medication for Evie’s newest diagnosis of ADHD.

Overall, we’ve been seeing some really positive things and have felt good about the medication decision.

Today, I got a call from Evie’s special educator that her eye was almost stationary–turned in (known as strabismus).  And that her hands were trembling constantly.  And that she was zoning out with seizure like activity.

I drove to school to get her.

I burned up my phone calling the pediatrician, the psychiatrist, and the neurologist.

I was more than a little pissed off when a nurse from neurology called me back.  Our neuro is on vacation.  I should take Evie to the ER.

No questions about what was happening.

No, I could not speak to the doctor covering for our neuro.  No, she could not relay what was happening to the doctor and call me back.  The only way to communicate with an actual neurologist–go to the ER and have the ER doc call.

Evie could have had a hang nail or a limb missing, the answer was the same.  Go to the ER.

Now, I’ve been there, done that when it comes to going to the ER for neurological issues with Evie.

They run a bunch of tests, they say everything looks fine, and they send us home with instructions to make an appointment with her neurologist and a bill for thousands of dollars.

Evie is medically vulnerable.  Sending her to the ER during cold/flu season without so much as a tiny clue as to why they are sending her?


Our healthcare system is so damn broken, I could scream.

We wonder why people are saddled with insurmountable medical debt and why medical care is not affordable.  Well let me do a little finger pointing.

For the 3 millionth time, I thanked my lucky stars for having such a wonderful pediatrician.   He called me back.  Said not to do the ER.  That he would be happy to see her but that he didn’t think it was necessary.

Discontinue the new medication.  Observe Evie for a few days.  Talk to the psychiatrist on Monday.

That was followed by a call back, on her day off, from the psychiatrist confirming this suggestion.  I REALLY like her too.

But honestly, what good is it to have these wonderful practitioners when the entire system sets everyone up for failure?

And by everyone, I mean you too.  Because guess what?  Evie has a Medicaid waiver for children with special health needs.  Whatever our private insurance doesn’t pick up–which seems like just about everything, the tax payers do.

I don’t know about you, but I could think of about a hundred thousand better ways to spend a few thousand bucks than on a useless trip to the ER–especially one that jeopardizes the health of my kid.

Oh, and go ahead and say something about my kid having Medicaid.  I dare you.  After years of some useless and some life saving trips to the ER, specialists, etc.,  we were drowning in medical debt–even though we paid dearly for health insurance.  And believe it or not, we don’t consider keeping our kid alive a luxury.





2 thoughts on “healthcare sucks. mostly.

  1. I am in the process of getting medcaid for my babies as I type. Thank you for this post. We also pay and pay and pay for insurance that seems to cover almost nothing and are getting bill after bill for prcedures or exams. Not to mention prescription after prescription!! I work and so does my husband and we still need a leg up..not ashamed. Thank you Beth ❤ you and your beautiful family. You inspire and encourage me as a mom.
    Tina Speegle

    • Thanks Tina! It really sucks that we need to fight for basic human rights–like healthcare while our kids are suffering, dying, and going without. Meanwhile the government is squandering money on finding ways to kill more people with deadly force. Keep on fighting for your kiddos!

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