Autistic people should:

You know that neat little mind-reading trick that Google has of completing search phrases for you with suggestions?  Like, if I go to google and type in “red” the dropdown box autfills with the following suggestions:  reddit, redbox, red sox, red dawn.

Neat how it does that, right?

Except when you type in, say, “Autistic people should”

autistic people should

And that comes up.

And you know that auto suggest is not magic, but an aggregate of most the common searches-that people typing those words, over and over again to create those suggestions.

And your daughter is Autistic.

And people that you really care about are Autistic.

And you have, you know, one tiny shred of human decency.  Or even a vague and distant memory of having had a tiny shred.  Because that’s all it takes not to be such a shitty human being that it would even cross your mind to type something like this into a search engine.

But, clearly, many people do.

Today, many Autistic bloggers, will be responding to this via flash blogging.  I ask that my friends read, at least a few, of these posts written by Autistic bloggers about what Autistic people actually should be doing.  Read them because decent human beings should be outraged when a group of people are subjected to such vile hate mongering.



2 thoughts on “Autistic people should:

  1. Autistic people should be cherished, respected, loved, challenged, accepted . . . . The same hateful statements came up when I googled a number of other folks that are viewed by many as marginalized. Very sad, indeed.

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