not excited


According to Autism Speaks, it is Autism Awareness Month.

I’m not excited about that.

I’m not excited about empty gestures like “lighting it up blue.”

I’m not excited about perpetuating the negative stereotypes about Autism that are already too prevalent.

I’m not excited about pumping more money into a corrupt organization, Autism Speaks, which will ignore the need for funding of supports and accommodations that Autistic people desperately need in favor of funding things like:

  • teaching people to fear Autistic people
  • ignoring and silencing the voices of Autistic adults
  • eradicating Autistic people through eugenics
  • exorbitant salaries and perks for high level Autism Speaks executives
  • perpetuating negative rhetoric about Autism
  • turning Autistic children into burdens that parents must tragically bear
  • insulting, humiliating, shaming, and otherwise degrading Autistic people

I am excited about a movement lead by Autistic Adults which promotes Autism Acceptance.

I encourage anyone reading this to support those efforts.

Granted, they are not as sexy and splashy as lighting the world up blue under the guise of doing something good.

Certainly, this movement will not receive nearly the media coverage that the one sponsored by Autism Speaks will.

But you can feel good about not lining the pockets of the “Autism for profit” people over at Autism Speaks.

You can feel good about learning how to accept and best accommodate Autistic people.

You can feel good about doing something that will actually make a difference in the lives of Autistic people.

You can feel good about making the world a better place for people like Evie.  People who need to be heard over the loud, well funded, fear mongering racket being pumped out by the Autism demonizing machine.

I hope that you will join me in drowning out the Autism Speaks hype and listen to the Autistics speak.


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