Autism Acceptance Day

It is Autism Acceptance Day, Evie.

This year, I am incredibly grateful to have found a community in which I can celebrate you–where people will celebrate you with me.

I am grateful to know people, your people, who are busy every single day building the world in which I want you to live.

I am grateful for the sacrifices that these people have made and continue to make so that you will be safe and thrive.

I super duper love so many of your people, Evie.  They are kind, sweet, compassionate, passionate, interesting, brilliant, and brave beyond words.

Sparrow, Alyssa, Kassiane, Emily, Ibby, Amy, Sharon, Nick, Paula, Cynthia, Rose, Emily and all of the others that have touched our lives and hearts…today and everyday, I am celebrating you as beautiful people and champions of what is right and good.


7 thoughts on “Autism Acceptance Day

  1. Oh, I am so grateful to have found our tribe. Thank you all so much. So nice not to know my little one is growing up in a world with you all in it.

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