the words i want to hear

It is my greatest hope that Evie will find a way, with our help, to communicate. I often hear things like, “It is so sad that Autistic children can’t tell their parents that they love them.”

Actually, more often I hear parents say, “I want my child to be able to tell me that he loves me.”

When I think about Evie’s communication, that’s just about the furthest thing from my mind.

I want to hear that her tummy hurts.

I want to hear that she wants a glass of water.

I want to hear that she is hungry.

I want to hear the things that make her happy, scared, sad, angry, frustrated, tired.

I mean “hear” figuratively, not literally. I do not care if she speaks or points to a picture or clicks an icon on her ipad or types.

I want communication for Evie.

I want to stop guessing at what she needs and thinks so that I can answer her needs.

Communication will make Evie safer.

I want Evie to be safe.

I don’t want Evie to communicate to stroke my ego or to make me feel better.

I need Evie to feel better. To feel safe.

9 thoughts on “the words i want to hear

  1. This is why you are the most awesome. Also, you will hear sooner because you can “hear” a far wider range of stuff being so open and having such a pure agenda. Love.

  2. Yes! Beth I agree with you so much. This is what I want for my boys also. I’m planning a blog post (you know how long it takes me to write!) on AAC and I found this fantastic video which, in less than a minute, demonstrates why our kids’ right to communicate is so important.

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