Parenting Children with Love & Acceptance

I started a new Facebook page where parents that love and accept their Autistic children can gather.  Where we can make our voices heard.

Please go “like it”  Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance.

From the pulpit come the dangerous voices of parents who tell the world that our Autistic children are less than.  That it is okay to measure the worth of our children by the speed in which they acquire skills.  By where they go to the bathroom.  By the number of birthday invitations they get.  By the financial cost of raising them.

Their voices are loud and dominate the conversation around Autism.

When their dangerous words are criticized, they cry about how unfair it all is.  And their disciples rush to give them the pity that they seek.

They insist that their voices should be heard over the voices of Autistic people.  That their feelings matter and that the feelings of Autistic people, hurt by their words, do not matter.

They insist that they have a place at the table in the disability community.  But they aren’t disabled.  They aren’t even friends to those with disabilities– the only people that belong at that table.

They continue to invite the parents of newly diagnosed children to their pity party.  And their words go unchecked by the real voices of Autism.  Because they are loud.  Because they are powerful.  Because they have privilege.  Because they bully any person that dares to dissent.

These are not the voices we want shaping the world in which our children live.  In which Autistic adults live.

I don’t mean to be all rah, rah, sis, boom, bah.  But damn it!  We, as parents, set the tone for how our children will be received in this world.  Whether they will be looked upon as burdens to bear or accepted as valuable human beings with real feelings and real contributions to make to the world.

Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance.  I hope to see all you loving parents and friends of Autistic people there.


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