What were you saying after Alex? Issy?

Now we can add Jaelen– 13 years old and Autistic, and his sister Faith–10 years old to the growing list of children killed by their own parents.

If you were saying that the parents deserve empathy and compassion for the burdens they bore, will you be saying that, again, this time?

There are few details available at this time.  But the mother–the murderer– apparently sued the federal government because she believed the vaccination caused her son’s injury.  She, apparently, lost last year.

But details have a way of emerging.  As we’ve seen too many times.  And I fear.

I fear.  I fear.  I fear.

I fear that I will hear more about the tragic lives of parents–raising their Autistic kids.

I fear.

I fear that we will hear more of the same from that vocal group of Kelli Stapleton supporters.  I fear.

I fear that they will say, “See, parents need help!  The system is failing them!  There aren’t enough supports!”  I fear.

I fear.  I fear.

I fear that they will not look down at their hands and see that there is even more blood covering them.  That they are up to their elbows in blood.

That they will not see that it is only a matter of time before we are all drowning in the blood of our disabled children.

I fear that they will refuse to see that the narratives that they are choosing for these stories are deadly.

The gory pattern is unmistakable.

The gruesome language that is used to describe disabled children, the systematic devaluation of their very existences, the narratives about parents needing more, more, more… it is contributing to this pattern.

And to those that are speaking these words..

You are culpable.

And the more you speak them, the more inextricably implicated you become.

You’re culpable.  Stop.

4 thoughts on “What were you saying after Alex? Issy?

  1. i don’t know what to think any more. this is just getting a little bit too much.
    i don’t even want to see the anti-vaccination liga pulling in the discussion in force now.
    argh. there are obviously people that are crazy or evil that do horrible things.
    i just cannot relate any more. harming your child for WHATEVER reasons is wrong.
    autism has not even anything to do with that. it is all wrong.
    the only “community” factor that should now matter is that people who know people who are somehow on edge must be more attentive to the signs before someone so innocent as a child gets harmed. damn.

  2. A later report revealed that she recently lost custody to her children’s father and took the kids to California instead of turning them over to him in Georgia*. Clearly, if she had been at the end of her rope, all she had to do is FOLLOW THE GORRAM CUSTODY ORDERS AND GIVE THE KIDS TO DAD. But noooo, if she can’t have them, nobody can.

    And I wonder why Dad got full custody, since this is kinda rare. Was she chelating the autistic boy and giving him bleach enemas, and Dad convinced the court she had to be stopped?

    *She’d already violated the visitation agreement by moving the kids to Arizona so Dad couldn’t visit on alternate weekends as prescribed by the previous court orders.

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