maxine on whole body listening


Max:  “Mama, does Evie have invisible powers sometimes?”

Me:  “No, no one does.  Invisible powers are pretend.”

Silence.  And then.

Max:  “Sometimes people don’t talk to Evie.  Not even ‘hi’.”

Me:  “You’re right.  I think sometimes people don’t know how to talk to Evie.”

Max:  “Why?  You just talk.”

Me:  “Maybe because Evie doesn’t talk with her mouth.”

Max:  “Maybe we can buy everyone ipads so they can hear Evie.”

Me:  “I don’t think ipads will help people hear.”

Max:  “When she isn’t talking with her mouth or ipad, people can listen with their eyes and bodies.”

Me: “You’re right”

Now that’s some whole body listening that I can get behind.



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