choice words

Maxine has some stuff going on with her speech–probably some sort of motor planning issue.  Anyhow she is working with a speech therapist and is coming along really well.  But I am not writing to talk about speech therapy.

I am writing to confess that I secretly love her irregular speech patterns.

I love that for some reason, she calls ice cream, “B.”  Yes, B.  Just B.  And shhhhh…but Scott and I have taken to calling it B as well.  I’m sure that is detrimental to her speech development on some level but hey, cute is cute.

I love the way “ham” sounds when she says it.  “Hem” She says it often because she loves it.  It makes me smile everytime.

And then there is, “hayah.”  Hair of course.  Loves it!

And now for the shocking part.  I may let an occasional shit or f-bomb slide out.  Yes, it happens in front of my kids.  And okay, I have made little effort to filter.  In all honesty, I would rather the girls use these words than many others that flow freely from the mouths of children–dumb, stupid, hate, you get the picture.

Anyhow, so Maxine may or may not have started repeating some of these choice words.  “Dit!”  and “Uck!”  What?  I’m clumsy and I stub my toes, bump into shit things, and otherwise do bodily harm to myself.  Often.  And the words just slip out.  And Maxine is sort of impressed with the passion with which they are articulated.  So she mimics from time to time.  Allegedly, of course.  Ahem.

Today she started to sit on her potty and sort of missed.  “Dit!” And then she looked at me, proudly maybe?  Like, “hey mom, I used your favorite word in context for the first time!”

Eep!  I really don’t have the problem with using words like this.  But I don’t want to offend other people since I am sure she won’t censor when in the company of those that would not be amused.  So, I am trying to find replacement words to encourage her to use instead of my two favorites.  Somehow, “oops” and “ouch!” just don’t have the same ringing satisfaction as a good old fashion eff or shit.  The things I sacrifice for my kids…..


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